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Company Profile
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Nanjing Sanhome Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, established in1996, is a key high-tech enterprise of China gathering R&D of new drug, pharmaceutical production and marketing into one. The company headquarters is located in the coast of the Yangtze River—Nanjing, the capital for 6dynasties. There are over 2 thousand staffs, including 87% employee with bachelor degree or above, among them, over hundred employees with doctor or master degree are here, and the staffs who undertake high-tech R&D and industrialization in the company are more than 300 people.

The company takes “to let more people enjoy the pleasure of health” as the mission and insists on the core value that “Focus on customers, take strivers with high performance as the basis and stick to hard work and have self-criticism in the long run”. Work on the construction of “innovative pharmaceutical company with continuous and rapid growth”. Form the value chain of medicine as the core of research and development, supply chain and marketing, which is supported by functional departments. Strive to achieve the goal of the company “To become the first-class pharmaceutical enterprise in the world”.

The company got through the GMP certification of national drug production enterprise in April, 1999 and is one of the earliest enterprises that passed the national certification. After the promulgation of the new GMP, Sanhome is one the earliest enterprise passed the certification again.

Starting in R&D, the company insists to implement for long time beings the strategy of innovating production’s development and research and has obvious advantages in this part. The R&D Center is the incubation base approved by National Drug Discovery Major Projects Office in order to develop drugs like Chiral Anti-infection and Targeting Tumors etc. It’s also a provincial engineering and technology research center and provincial technology center of enterprise. The company was affirmed as “Nanjing new high-tech enterprise” and “new high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province” by provincial and municipal science and technology department; in 2003, it’s indentified as “the key new high-tech enterprise” approved by Nation’s Technology Department; in 2008, it’s approved to set “Post-Doctoral Research Station” by National HR Department and Department of Social Security.

The company established perfect R&D system: the ratio of R&D expenditure increased year by year; it will constantly be raised further in the next few years; finally the company will be close to the average level of cross-nation pharmaceutical enterprise. Up to now, the company has possessed nearly one hundred certifications of new drugs and dozens of national invention patens and international invention patents. Among the sorts of Chinese and Western medicine developed independently though its own technology, there are national new drugs of first class, state key new products, TCM protection at the state level and the national exclusive products. The venture also undertakes over 20 national and provincial key R&D programs including national 863 Plan, Major Drugs Discovery Projects, National Innovation Fund, Special Project of National High-tech Industrialization and National Torch Plan. The development and research of new products not only increase economic strength for the construction of enterprise, but provide potential chance for the sustainable development of enterprise. 

Sanhome Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd has now a dozen kinds of production line of potion including: tablet, granule, capsule, lyophilized powder injection, powder injection ointments, large-capacity injection and small-capacity injection and so on. More than 30 kinds of drugs sale in domestic market, among them, the main dominant products like “Shengnuoan”, “Shengnuoling”, “Xiao’aiping” and “Younuoan” are respectively taken as “high-tech products” by state, province and city. The company unceasingly launches new products of good therapeutic effect and wide market prospect into market, which forms the feature of the company’s technology innovation.

The company is located in national level development zone—Xingang production base lying in Nanjing economic and technological development zone and gets through the state GMP certification in January, 2002. It is a modern production base possessed the productive ability of many dosage forms and has the production and quality control equipment at the state advanced level, the management system of scientific and strict production and quality, which ensures the reliable and stable quality of pharmaceutical products.

In order to guarantee and more improve the construction of product quality, the company extends industrial chain to its upstream and downstream ends and constructs the modern value chain of pharmaceutical industry. Out of the purpose of ensuring the quality of materials of TCM and BPC and developing the planting base of wild materials of TCM and production base of BPC in the upstream end, the company found the pharmaceutical planting base in Yunnan Province, in July, 2012. Now, it has established the wild medical materials tending base of marsdenia tenacissima which is the material of Sanhome “Xiao’aiping” in Honghezhou and other regions in Yunnan Province. At the same time, the first phase project of the chemical BPC is completed and goes into operation in Nanjing Liuhe chemical and industrial park as well as the production chain of integration with basic layout, which realizes raw materials’ supply of high quality steadily and orderly.

For further upgrading the enterprise’s technology and innovation ability and productive ability, the company’s headquarters and R&D Center in Nanjing Technology and Innovation Park will be completed soon.

Since 2005, the company began to transform agent sales into independent and skilled mode of academic marketing and constructed a marketing team which is centered on medical professionals with high professional standards, rich clinical experiences, stronger pioneering consciousness, passion and vitality. Up to now, the scale of it has reached more than 700 people. They sticks to the consumers-centered conception and won the trust and praise of consumers and patients with products of high quality and top-ranking services through the nation-wide marketing network. Next, the company will continue to strengthen marketing staffs’ professional knowledge training of products, promotes products on the basis of fully grasping the professional knowledge of products and strives to make all the demanding patients use our medicine. At the same time, it can better help doctors to avoid unreasonable drug use.

At present, the company initiatively forms industry chain structure gathering with “planting, developing, producing, supplying and marketing”, which is benefit to strengthen competitive advantages and future performance.

The main businesses of the company are the R&D, production and sale of chemical drugs, modern traditional Chinese patent medicine and so forth. Next, it will enter the biological medicine field gradually. The main varieties of now are Sanhome’s exclusive anti-infective traditional Chinese medicine--“Xiao’aiping” pulse injection, anaerobic bacteria resistant patent medicine “Younuoan” injection, first generic drug ornidazole injection and oral dosage forms. Besides, there is also exclusive varieties “Shengneng” capsule, traditional Chinese medicine Jianweixiaoshi tablets and so on.

On august 13th, 2009, the company has researched for near 10 years. In August, 2000, it invested over 0.3 billion yuan R&D expenditures. Left-handed ornidazole and its preparations, the commodity name “Younuoan”, enable 6 national invention patents and 3 international invention patents, won the state first class cerftification and production approval documents of innovative drugs conferred by SFDA. As the research achievement of scientific and technology project--national Major Drug Discovery, “Younuoan” has become one of few chemical innovation drugs protected by international patents. The product makes great profit for the company after entering market. The project has won the honorary title of “State Key New Products” by the ministry of Science and Technology in 2010, “the first 10 major innovation projects of new drugs in Jiangsu Province in 2012”, “brand products in Jiangsu Province in 2014” and the first prize of Jiangsu Province science and technology in 2014.

In recent years, the company implements the strategic measure of “going abroad” through many research and investigation on the pharmaceutical industry of America, Canada and developed countries in Europe: the one is to enlist talents; the other is cooperation and research. At present, many Doctors, scholars and senior managers who have studied and lived in Europe and America for several years and equipped with rich experiences of pharmaceutical research and development and marketing have joined in Sanhome. A series of combination and measures will be the new beginning of Sanhome marching into international market.

Sanhome has not only made positive contribution to the development of our country’s medicine cause and economic construction, but also it has been devoting to public benefit philanthropy, adds everything up altogether, all things and money Sanhome donated to “Nanjing Glorious Cause Funds”, “Support Poor Students”, “the Hope Project”, “SARS”, “Support the Poor in Lianshui of Northern Suzhou”, “Support Earthquake Relief Work in Szechwan” and so on, the figure now is more than 100 million Yuan. November, 2008, the president Wang yong was honored with the title “Star of Glorious Cause” and elected as vice-chairman of the third Nanjing Glorious Cause Promotion Association and Council, this gives the best affirmation and courage to Sanhome from all sectors of society.

Over 20 years since the company is founded we found our way of development and walked forward firmly. Sales revenue and taxation of profit have been increasing rapidly every year, annual tax is more than 200 million Yuan, arrange jobs for over 300 laid-off workers from state-owned enterprise. Core competitiveness has formed with characteristics of products with good creativity, extensive market prospect and sufficient substitutable medicines. Sanhome has made an ultra-convention development, according to statistics data from National Ministry of Industry and Information, Sanhome became the top 100 nationwide pharmacy industry in 2011, ranked 82ed in terms of enterprise comprehensive strength, 8th in terms of innovative enterprises, especially on taxation of profit its ranking was even more higher, this shows Sanhome has made positive contribution to the development of our country’s medicine cause and economic construction, at the same time shows it possesses good development potential.

Our company is awarded the honorary title “Labor Awards” by All China Federation of Trade Unions in 2004, Sanhome had successively been assessed as “Key Hi-tech Enterprise of China”, “Excellent Private Science and Technology Enterprise”, “National Loved and Praised Advanced Enterprise”, “National Caring-staff Advanced Enterprise”, “Triple A Credit Enterprise of China”, “Outstanding Innovation Award in Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprises”, “The Best Practice Award in Informatization of Manufacturing Industry of China”, “Excellent Private Enterprise of Jiangsu”, “Jiangsu Enterprise with Class A Quality and Credit”, “Model Enterprise in Whole Province Party Construction Leads Industry Construction ‘Four Plans as A Whole, One Establishment Activity”, “Pilot Enterprise with Fusion of Industrialization and Informatization of Jiangsu”, “Intellectual Property Management Standardization Model Flat of Jiangsu”, “The First Session Jiangsu Corporate Citizenship Award ”, “Outstanding Privately Operated Enterprise of Nanjing”, “Private Enterprise Cultural Construction Advanced Unit of Nanjing”, “Technology and Knowledge-Intensive Enterprise”, “Youth Civilization”, “Star of the Glorious” and so on.

The president and general manager of Sanhome Wangyong has successively been honored with “The Youths of the May Fourth Era Award of China”, “Excellent Private Science and Technology Entrepreneur of China”, “Outstanding Accomplishment Award in Chinese Pharmaceutical Sciences”, “Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Jiangsu”, “Model Worker of Jiangsu”, “Excellent Private Entrepreneur of Jiangsu”, “Young and Middle-aged Specialists with Outstanding Contribution of Jiangsu”, “Specialists of Jiangsu 333 Project”, “ ‘Six Big Talents’ Cultivating Objects of Jiangsu”, “Youth Technology Award of Jiangsu”, “Excellent Constructer Working on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics of Jiangsu”, “Outstanding Private Entrepreneurs of Nanjing”, “Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Nanjing”, “Science and Technology Meritorious Statesman of Nanjing”, “Outstanding Figures in Nanjing Violet Gold Science and Technology Entrepreneurship”, “Young and Middle-aged Tip-top Talents of Nanjing”, “Excellent Constructer Working on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics of Nanjing” and so on.

Nowadays, Sanhome are making its strong and vigorous step toward the future, stick with development strategy of “high-tech, high-speed, high-efficiency”, drove by scientific and technological progress, depend on high and new technology, guided by excellent talents, make great efforts to start a fresh new chapter for our national pharmaceutical industry’s prosperity and humankind’s health undertaking.

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